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0730-0830 Registration
Plenary Lecture

Bill Marshall Memorial Lecture : Malnutrition: the Child at Risk Chairperson: Selva Kumar Sivapunniam Robert Murray, United States

Paediatric Liver Transplant in Asia Pacific: Current Status and Expanding the Horizon Chairperson: Chairperson: Ng Ruey Terng Xia Qiang, China

0930-1030 Opening Ceremony
1030-1100 Tea and poster viewing
Gastro Symposium
Potpourri of GI disorders
Kam Choy Chen, Chai Pei Fan

GERD: over diagnosis and over managed?
Marc Benninga, Netherlands

EGIDs in Asian children: Are they uncommon, or are we missing them?
Ichiro Nomura, Japan

Infantile colic: pathophysiology and management
Marc Benninga, Netherlands

Abstract Presentation

Liver Symposium
Neonatal cholestasis
Chong Sze Yee, Huma Arshad Cheema

Advances In Surgical and Medical Management of Biliary Atresia
Kazuhiko Bessho, Japan

Comprehensive and Informative Registry system for Childhood Liver Disease (CIRCLe): the Japanese experience
Satoshi Nakano, Japan

Inherited Intrahepatic cholestasis: molecular and clinical aspects
Jian-She Wang, China

The use of IBAT inhibitors in paediatric liver disease
Chen Huey Ling, Taiwan

Nutrition Symposium
Nutritional Issues in Children: Special Consideration
Christopher Boey, Muhammad Yazid Jalaludin

Nutrition in Chronic liver disease
Helen Evans, New Zealand

Optimising growth in the very preterm infants: Review the evidence
Mark Beattie, United Kingdom

How to feed a child with Neuromotor impairment
Sanja Kolacek, Croatia

Do we need regional growth charts in the era of World Health Organization Growth Standards?
Jin-Soo Moon, Korea

1300-1400 Sponsored Lunch Symposium by GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical Sdn Bhd

Chairperson: Zulkifli Ismail

The Essentials of Prevention Through Hexavalent Vaccine
Khoo Phaik Choo, Malaysia

Getting The Full Picture of Pneumococcal Vaccination
Olakunle Oladehin, Nigeria

Sponsored Lunch Symposium by
Sanofi-Aventis (M) Sdn. Bhd

Chairperson: Selva Kumar Sivapunniam

The 6-in-1 Paediatric Combination Vaccine: Benefits & Advantages for the Child & Parents
Rakhee Yadav, Malaysia

APPSPGHAN Lunch Symposium

Chairperson: Lee Way Seah

Impact of CoVid pandemic on nutritional status in children: what paediatricians can do.
Robert Murray, United States

Use of probiotics in clinical practice in children with selected clinical conditions
Sanja Kolacek, Croatia

Oral Presentation
(YIA) Young Investigator Award
Tang Swee Fong

Sanja Kolacek,
Mark Beattie,
Jin-Soo Moon
Liver Symposium
Marion Aw, Hung Liang Choo

Autoimmune liver disease
Helen Evans, New Zealand

Portal hypertension
Ujjal Poddar, India

Chronic and recurrent pancreatitis
Keith Ooi, Australia

Nutrition Symposium
Lee Way Seah, Toshiaki Shimizu

Microbiota-Directed Food Intervention in Undernourished children
Tahmeed Ahmed, Bangladesh

Effects of omega-3 fatty acids on health and disease in children
Toshiaki Shimizu, Japan

Abstract presentation

1530-1600 Tea and poster viewing
Gastro Symposium
Paediatric IBD 1
Arai Katsuhiro, Nazrul Neezam

Mimics in Paediatric IBD: Special consideration in developing countries
Suporn Treepongkaruna, Thailand

Imaging studies in IBD
James Huang, Singapore

Paediatric IBD: How to make use of big data to predict incidence and outcome?
Kyung-Mo Kim, Korea

Abstract Presentation
Anupam Sibal, Mohd Ikram Ilias
Nutrition Symposium
Breastfeeding and complementary feeding
Neoh Siew Hong, Juliet Sio Aguilar

The immunomodulatory properties of breastmilk
Yong-Joo Kim, Korea

The First 1000 Days: Challenges of The Preterm Infant 
Azanna Ahmad Kamar, Malaysia

Managing picky eaters
Gillian Greville-Harris, United Kingdom

1730-1830 Welcome Reception
1830-1930 APPSPGHAN council meeting


  Sipadan Hall 1 (Level 4) Sipadan Hall 2 (Level 4) Sipadan Hall 3 (Level 4)
Meet the expert session

Office Paediatrics in GI Disorders Moderator:
Chong Sze Yee / Foo Hee Wei
James Huang, Singapore

Meet the expert session
Surgical Issues In Paediatric Gastroenterology Moderator:
Chew Kee Seang
Shireen Anne Nah Han-Yien, Malaysia
Meet the expert session
How I Approach A Child With A Suspected GI Motility Disorder Moderator:
Ong Sik Yong
Nikhil Thapar, Australia
Plenary Lecture

Management of childhood Hepatitis B infection: State of the art approach Chairperson: Suporn Treepongkaruna Ni Yen Hsuen, Taiwan

Gut worms and Gut Microbiota Chairperson: Christopher Boey Yvonne Lim Ai Lian, Malaysia

Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis and Childhood Functional Abdominal Disorders Chairperson: Ong Sik Yong Nikhil Thapar, Australia

1005-1030 Tea and poster viewing
Gastro Symposium
George Alex, Alvin Khoh

Epidemiology of Constipation In Children
Seksit Osatakul, Thailand

Pharmacological Management
Shaman Rajindrajith, Sri Lanka

Intractable Functional Constipation: What Happens When Nothing Works?
Marc Beninnga, Netherlands

Liver Symposium
Genetic and metabolic liver diseases
Choong Chee Liang, Kazuhiko Bessho

Diagnostic approach in metabolic liver disease: perspective from Asia
Chen Huey Ling, Taiwan

Liver disease in mitochondrial disorders
Kei Murayama, Japan

Childhood Wilson’s disease: an Asian perspective
Huma Arshad Cheema, Pakistan

Oral Presentation
(Gastro & Nutrition)
Mark Beattie, Ong Eng Joe


1200-1330 Friday Prayers

MPA Lunch Symposium
Chairperson: Thiyagar Nadarajaw

Every Little Breath: Respiratory infections in children
Rakhee Yadav

Gastro Symposium
Diarrhoeal disorder in the developing countries
Andy Darma, George Alex

Environmental Enteropathy: Common Yet Underrecognised
Syed Asad Ali, Pakistan

Parasite-Related Diarrhoeal Disease
Yap Nan Jiun, Malaysia

Abstract presentation

Liver Symposium
Liver Transplantation in Asia
Ng Ruey Terng, Helen Evans

Effect And Influencing Factors Of Vaccination Before And After Liver Transplant
Xue Feng, China

Striving Towards Zero Mortality In Paediatric Liver Transplant: Importance Of Optimal Medical Care
Seak Hee Oh, Korea

Liver Transplant Program In Resource-Limited Setting: Current Issues And Challenges
Anupam Sibal, India

Nutrition Symposium
Nutrition / Topics In Adolescent
Thiyagar Nadarajaw

Anorexia Nervosa
Sheila Marimuthu, Malaysia

ARFID (Avoidant / Restrictive Food Intake Disorder)
Kumudhini Rajasegaran, Singapore

Holistic Approach To Adolescent Obesity
Oh Jean Yin, Singapore

Gastro Symposium
Chairperson: Kyung Mo Kim, Chew Kee Seang

APPSPGHAN PIBD working group POSITION PAPER: Management and monitoring in Asia Pacific Region
Lee Way Seah, Malaysia

Arai Katsuhiro, Japan

Nutritional Management In Childhood IBD
George Alex, Australia

Liver Symposium
Chairperson: James Huang, Fahisham Taib

Management of Viral Hepatitis C In Children
Chen Huey Ling, Taiwan

Acute Viral Hepatitis: Experience From Asia
Anshu Srivastava, India

Acute Hepatitis of Unknown Origin in children-an update
Ng Ruey Terng, Malaysia

Nutrition Symposium Intestinal failure/ Parenteral nutrition
Chairperson: Shireen Nah

Management of IFALD In Children: A Multi-Discplinary Approach
Jason Yap, Australia

Short Bowel Syndrome and Small Bowel Transplantation
Takehisa Ueno, Japan

The Nuts and Bolts of Home PN
Jason Yap, Australia

1630-1730 Tea and poster viewing
APPSPGHAN 1st General Membership Assembly
Venue: Kinabalu Room 3, Level 5
Venue: Kinabalu Room 1, Level 5
1915-2145 Faculty & Committee Dinner (by invitation only)


  Sipadan Hall 1 (Level 4) Sipadan Hall 2 (Level 4) Sipadan Hall 3 (Level 4)
Meet the expert session

Complicated Inflammatory Bowel Disease Moderator:
Ng Ruey Terng
Mark Beattie, United Kingdom

Meet the expert session

Nutritional Issues In Neonatal Intensive Care: Recent Advances Moderator:
Norashikin Mohd Ranai
Neoh Siew-Hong, Malaysia

Endoscopy Symposium
Marc Benninga, Ng Ruey Terng

Advances In Paediatric Endoscopy: Expanding The Horizon
Jia Feng Wu, Taiwan

Strategies For Helicobacter Pylori Screening And Treatment In Junior High School Students To Eliminate Gastric Cancer
Toshihiko Kakiuchi, Japan

ERCP In Children: Indications And Challenges
Kyung Mo Kim, Korea

Liver Symposium
Metabolic dysfunction-associated fatty liver disease: (NAFLD)
Foo Hee Wei, Suporn Treepongkaruna

Epidemiology in Asia
Jae Sung Ko, Korea

Diagnosis and Management
Yu-Cheng Lin, Taiwan

Genetics of Metabolic Dysfunction-Associated Fatty Liver Disease: A New Perspective
Ni Yen Hsuen, Taiwan

Nutrition Symposium
Nutrition and Micronutrient
Tahmeed Ahmed, Chong Sze Yee

Approach In Addressing Micronutrient Deficiency In Young Children?
Felizardo Gatcheco, Philippines

Bone Health and Nutrition
Muhammad Yazid Jalaludin, Malaysia

Feeding The Undernourished Child: Experience From Indonesia
Damayanti Rusli Sjarif, Indonesia

1000-1030 Tea and poster viewing
Plenary Lecture

Gut Microbiota and Childhood Undernutrition Chairpersons: Lee Way Seah Tahmeed Ahmed, Bangladesh

Paediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease: The Next Epidemics In Asia? Chairpersons: Kyung Mo Kim Marion Aw, Singapore

Primary Immunodeficiency In Gastrointestinal And Liver Diseases In Children Chairpersons: Intan Juliana Abd Hamid Lau Yu Lung, Hong Kong

1200-1300 Closing Ceremony+ Award Presentation Ceremony

DISCLAIMER: Whilst every attempt would be made to ensure all aspects of the conference mentioned in the Programme will take place as scheduled, the Organising Committee assumes no responsibility should it fail to materialize due to any unforeseen circumstances.